Oil Changes

Affordable, Speedy Oil Change Services

Auto Experts Providing Prompt Oil Change Services

It's important to get auto services such as oil change and auto repairs from auto experts. Even regular oil changes, done by auto experts, can keep your vehicle running and in good condition. It's important to choose the right oil type as per the vehicle you drive as it can majorly impact its performance. Having your vehicle's oil changed regularly can also help increase your fuel economy along with its overall performance and prevent costly repairs in the future.

ASE-Certified Technicians

At Parkway 66 Service, all services are performed by ASE-certified technicians who are trained in all aspects of auto maintenance and repairs. We have been providing affordable and reliable oil change services for over 30 years.

Complete Oil Change Services

All our oil change services normally cover five quarts of oil and a change of your oil filter. We will also check your vehicle's fluid levels and air filter. Sometimes, instead of standard oil it's more appropriate to use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is designed to increase a vehicle's performance and to protect its engine. For vehicles over 75,000 miles, we recommend high-mileage oil. High-mileage oil blends synthetic and standard oil to decrease oil detergency. Contact us to find out which oil will work best for your vehicle and to schedule your next oil change.
We provide warranties on many auto repairs! Call us to schedule your service appointment.
Count on us to top off fluids and recommend additional auto services for your convenience.
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