Auto Diagnostics

Precise Auto Diagnostics

We can Diagnose Your Engine Issues Quickly

The combustion engine has come a far way since its inception. Due to federal regulations, the engine is now a very sophisticated piece of machinery. With electronic control systems, your engine can now curb carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency. Advanced control systems have taken the place of simple engine components; therefore, it's even more important to have trained professionals looking into your vehicle problems. Give us a call today to have us run a diagnostic on your car or truck.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance Services

Regardless of the type of vehicle, a regular vehicle maintenance service, such as spark plug and filter replacement, is critical for its proper functioning. In addition, your vehicle's control systems need computerized analysis. You'll be happy to know our factory-trained technicians are prepared to provide you with these services at affordable rates.

Fast Check Engine Light Services

Engine operating conditions are monitored by a network of sensors. The sensors pass that information on to an onboard computer which, based on the data, can send commands to the ignition, fuel control, or emission control. When the "check engine" light turns on, that's your cue to bring your vehicle in and have our professionals check it. We will run a diagnostic on your vehicle and its systems, and will let you know if the "check engine" light is a real problem or just a sensor / computer issue.
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